Honolulu Catch sells high-quality, fresh fish and seafood from all over the world. Our fresh product comes from not only Hawaii, but also from the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. We are located in Seattle, WA which allows us to efficiently consolidate, quality-inspect, and ship out the best fish from Hawaii and the North Pacific simultaneously. Our facility is centrally located at the Port of Seattle, is close to the airport, and our fishmongers in our warehouse are always on hand to fulfill last-minute orders and to receive fresh product from the airport. We ship all of our packages using a next-day air service from either FedEx or UPS.

We have maintained strong relationships with fishermen, brokers, and distributors for decades in Hawaii, Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest, so our supply pipeline is always full with new, fresh sea products.

Our buying, receiving, quality control, grading, filleting, portioning, temperature control, time-to-market, sustainability, and selling skills are reliant upon one another to build an efficient operational ecosystem.

Our expertise as it relates species knowledge, preferred catch methods, seasonality, sustainability, product handling, filleting, portioning, packing, and shipping is a contributing factor to what makes our product top notch. Additionally, the seafood cold-chain is incredibly efficient at moving fresh fish from the fishing docks to our facility and then to you with speed and temperature control. We add value by selecting and custom cutting only the perfect pieces of fresh fish for your order. If it's not perfect, we don't ship it!

Video: snapper cutting